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A Brand, A Curiosity Lab

CURIOSITY LAB was founded in 2018.

The designer, Émeline Grasset, introduces us her vision of India through her findings. She shares her love for noble materials and fabrics and their history.

Émeline designs her collections in small batches, sometimes in unique pieces, respecting Indian traditional craftsmanship and ancient traditions. Her ultimate goal is to create pieces to hold on to and to pass from one generation to the next.

CURIOSITY LAB is a human adventure driven by a desire for ethical fashion. Each item results from a human story, and testifies of the wealth of ancestral know-how.

Ancestral craftsmanship

CURIOSITY LAB shares the legacy of Indian textile, especially of Block print and Kantha.

The Block Print is a craftsmanship from North-West India, which can be considered an art. Patterns are carved in wood, each color being a stamp to be printed on fabrics. The stamps are dipped in pigments before being hand-applied to the fabrics.

Kantha is a craftsmanship from North-East India that may be described as magic : fiery-fingered women recycle their saris by layering and re-stitching them.

The designer

Originaly Hatter / Stylist, Émeline began her career in Hermès headgear.

Later on, she moved to India where she began by supporting European designers in manufacturing their clothing collection.

She then created her own brand, Purple Jungle, a collection of accessories and decoration inspired by Indian street art which quickly became a reference on the Indian continent.

Passionate about crafts, she designed the interior architecture and decoration of Nimmu House Hotel, a legacy home in Ladakh (India), and of the luxurious Haweri Estate Hotel on Sumba Island (Indonesia).

When coming back to France in 2018 after living in India and Bali for more than 15 years, she created CURIOSITY LAB, an obvious project for this serial-businesswoman in love with colors, textiles and crafts.

Thanks to CURIOSITY LAB, she turned those passions into an exciting career and continues to work on various interior design projects.

Her universe is a travel invitation, ubiquitous in her life.

The idea behind her collections: "simple pieces, made thanks to ancestral know-how and history. A decoration that easily fits in your home. The future basics of your wardrobe that will spice up your emblematic jeans or your favorite little dress."

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