Where do our fabrics come from?

Our fabrics are made in India and for the most part are made of 100% cotton.

We use 3 know-how:

Block Printing - hand-affixed patterns to fabrics, thanks to wooden blocks carved in relief from rosewood.

Kantha - layers of upcycled cotton saris embroidered by a stitch called Kantha stitching.

Suzani - cotton fabrics hand-embroidered by an association of women.

What pigments are used to dye our fabrics?

There are different types of pigments prepared by colorists (the Rangrez) : 

Vegetable dyes : such as indigo for blue, cochineal for magenta, turmeric for mustard yellow, or iron for black... Their fixation is complex, we have to use a "mordant", a chemical salt that attaches to the fiber of the fabric.

Colored pigments that are mixed colors. They are Azo - Free (do not contain dangerous heavy metals). They are fixed by the sun and by a passage in a machine that blows hot air. 



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