Émeline and Vanita, a shared love for textile

Émeline is a Parisian with a great sense of humor, a lot of enthusiasm (you definitely need some to start your own brands !), a practical mind, but above all a very good taste for textiles and decoration !

Vanita is a willing Indian entrepreneur whose father owns a textile workshop in Jaipur but wishes to expand this family heritage.

When beginning her career in textile, Émeline first worked for a French company in India. She then created a local sourcing agency through which she helps young French designers to produce their small batch collections in India. She traveled to France regularly in order to attend fashion shows and to discover small brands, rising fashion stars, looking for a mean of production.

During her first year in India, Émeline met Vanita, and they decided to collaborate.

Afterwards, these two entrepreneurs became friends and never gave up on each other ! All the pieces of the brands supported by Émeline are made in Vanita's workshop, including no less than four brands of textile and/or accessories created by Émeline in India, Indonesia and France.

A lasting collaboration based on friendship, trust and love of Indian know-how and quality fabrics, with a shared vision of ethical fashion.

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